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Long Handled Digging Fork with 53" Beech Handle


Long Handled Digging Fork with 53" Beech Handle

Item Number: 246941M291
$ 47.32

Long Handled Digging Fork by Falci Tools
Item number: 246941M29

The Falci Specialist 4 Tine Digging Fork is the heavy duty fork that you can always rely on. No matter what your task or soil conditions, the 4 trapezoidal tines, forged tough from a single sheet of steel, will work hard so you don't have to. The head is 6.5" x 12"and is guaranteed to maintain its shape even in the roughest situations. This fork is excellent for loosening, lifting, and turning over soil. You can use it to get between stones and break through clods and weeds to aerate and work your soil to its fullest potential.

The Falci Specialist 4 Prong Digging Fork features a curved forged steel head, a 4.5" Beechwood handle, and a lifetime manufacturer's guarantee. As any gardener knows, a good digging fork will greatly reduce the effort to work the soil, and this is one of the best!

Forged and tempered for peak strength, toughness, and durability
- 6.5" x 12" curved head
- 4.5'Beech wood handles
- Easily sharpened
- 4 prong premium grade forged Savoy steel frame
- 6lb
- 1.6 inch prong spacing
- Trapezoidal shaped pointed prong
- Produced by skilled Italian craftsmen utilizing a 400 year old tool-making tradition

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