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Grass Scythe Model 177  - 65cm (25") "Stone Tip"


Grass Scythe Model 177 - 65cm (25") "Stone Tip"

$ 85.95

Falci Scythe 177 - 65 by Falci Tools
Item number: 110177-70

The "Stone Tip" means the sharp part of the blade is recessed slightly from the tip of the scythe. This reduces the likely hood of damage to the tip of the blade if you accidentally hit a rock. Best for use in unimproved fields or for general brush mowing.

**These blades have not been peened or sharpened. You will need to peen and sharpen these blades before use.

You may purchase Peening tools and sharpening stones from our site. 

Howland Tools will peen and sharpen your blade for an additional fee. Visit Scythe Blade Prep to order this service.

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