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Magna Grecia Hoe (aka Magna Graecia meaning "Great Greece")


Magna Grecia Hoe (aka Magna Graecia meaning "Great Greece")

Item Number: FA244
$ 59.95

Magna Grecia Hoe by Falci Tools

Comes with 54" Canadian made hickory handle.

Item number: FA244

This is the remaining inventory of an out of production item. That was one of the highest quality Falci Company's hoes ever made. It is made of special tool steel with extra silica content to provide high abrasion resistance, and then hardened to 52-53 RC.

The Magna Grecia is a a 2-pronged combination hoe with long tines for deep soil-working. This tool is so different from most hoes, it is hard to even classify it as one... it's more like a digging fork that you swing! Because of the physics of swinging a tool (rather than thrusting it) into the soil, this tool has some great advantages in terms of deep penetration with relatively minimal effort. The blade on the back is good for breaking up clumps. Comes with a Canadian made Hickory handle. The forged head is made by the Falci company in Italy. Using this tool to break small areas of sod, or for deep aeration of beds, is actually amazingly easy and effective if used properly!

A great multipurpose tool!

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