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19-inch German Broadfork

SHW Forge

19-inch German Broadfork

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We are very proud of these brand new broadforks from SHW. 

Are you frustrated with "stumpy" carrots? This is the tool for you.

Broad forks, also known as grelinette, are powerful tools for loosening soil in place without turning by plow or shovel. No heavy lifting required. The long tines are able to loosen soil deep below the surface to promote root growth, aeration, deep watering and more. An important benefit is that the soil structure is preserved and less energy (and effort) is required to cultivate. They are valuable tools for no-till or low-till farming and gardening.

In many cases a broadfork can achieve better results than a rototiller with less time and effort. To use the broadfork, you stand on the cross bar and wiggle the handles back and forth to work the tines deep into the ground; then, using larger strokes back and forth you pry the tines back to "comb" the soil upward. Remove the tool and repeat the process a few inches backward in the bed. Using this technique a modest-sized  bed can be tilled in a few minutes without breaking a sweat.

These tools are made by SHW in Friedrichstal near the Black Forest region of Germany and are designed to last a lifetime. The wood handles are made of solid European ash with a black stained finish. The steel frame is very robust with heavy-duty forged tines (more than 1/2" thick) and can dig more than 11 inches into the ground.

The width at the tines is 19 inches, and at the operator's end the handles spread to 24 inches apart. The solid Ash wooden handles are approximately 53 inches long.

These ship fully assembled and ready-to-use.

Made in Germany. Includes a 10-year manufacturer's warranty.

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