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Brush Scythe Blade - Heidesense HAVAU 45cm with Stone Tip

SHW Forge

Brush Scythe Blade - Heidesense HAVAU 45cm with Stone Tip

Item Number: 54094
$ 59.00

This blade offers a short, 45cm/18in cutting edge and a reinforced "stone tip" to protect against damage from rocks and other obstructions while mowing. The heel is deep and reinforced for work in heavy, woody material; while great for clearing berry bushes, young saplings, and the like, this blade is NOT meant for general mowing. This blade is compatible with all of our snaths but we recommend with the metal SHW snath

This blade is not typically peened as part of the regular sharpening procedure but could be done so using a scythe peening anvil and hammer. The peening jig will not likely produce satisfactory results. We recommend a 2-step honing process first using a coarse synthetic stone (such as the SHW, Enzian or Carborundum) followed by a fine natural stone.

Made in Turkey for SHW

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