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Castellari SME 30 UL Tree-climber's Pruning saw


Castellari SME 30 UL Tree-climber's Pruning saw

Item Number: CA-SME-30-UL
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Pruning saw with "U"-shaped umbrella handle. 11.81 inch (30cm) blade with longer teeth for faster pruning (longer teeth clear dust, facilitating a faster cut). 

This type of hand grip is designed for olive orchard pruning but happens to work well for orchards containing any mature, climbable trees. The U-shaped handle is designed for tree climbers so the saw can be readily hung from a branch or loop.

The steel blades containing a high percentage of carbon are covered with hard chromium to resist rust and increase branch penetration. The clear and precise cut makes the wood surface smooth and flat, preventing infections and allowing fast formation of scar tissue on the branch. The teeth have been sharpened on three levels and have been pulse-tempered for maximum duration of sharpening. The length of the blade and special processing, called “surface flaring,” are elements designed to improve branch penetration by drastically reducing friction.

Weights 10oz / 290gram

Designed in Italy and made in South Korea

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