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Manual 4-Blade Grafting Tool


Manual 4-Blade Grafting Tool

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This tool makes quick and accurate graft pairs for various types of stem grafting. It requires that the scion attach to a similarly-diameter stem of the rootstock, both less than 1/2 inch diameter (1/4" yields better results). 

To use, one cuts the host rootstock stem from one side of the grafter. This produces a uniform cut and exposes a length of the cambium in the shape of the blade used. Next, cut the scionwood from the other side of the tool to produce a complementary shape cut. The rootstock and the scion should now be able to fit closely together and are bound with grafting tape and/or wax. 

This type of grafting must be done while the plant is dormant, typically in the winter months. We have had great success on apple trees using this device over the years.

The kit includes blades for notch/saddle grafts, Omega grafts, bud grafts, whip-and-tongue or english double-notch grafts. Overall length 8 inches; maximum blade opening is 0.5 inches.

A full set of printed instructions are included in several languages, or you may download the instructions here.

Item Number: 262M500P

Falci Specialist Manual 4-Blade Grafter

Made in Italy.

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