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TOP Plastic Plant Popper

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TOP Plastic Plant Popper

Item Number: TOP-50
$ 59.95

*Works with trays made by T.O. Plastics, and some TLC trays. These have the number of plugs and the recycle symbol (6) on one 10" end and TOP symbol on the other 10" end. If you don't have these exact trays then these will not work. 

Please note: Poppers are made to order and take 10-15 days to ship

Pushes plant plugs from an entire plug flat in seconds. Save time by not individually pushing plugs out of the cells. When seeding, use upside down for a tray dibbler! Plug flats/trays are not included.

Instructions for use: Place an empty tray on the pins as a guide. Push full tray down on to empty tray. NEW-Comes with 6 spacers that keep the trays from nesting. Instructions here.

50 TOP* plug tray. 100% model
72 TOP* plug tray. 100% model- works with TLC and TOP Star
98 TOP* plug tray. 100% model
105 TOP*plug tray. 100% model- works with TOP Star/Hex
128 TOP* plug tray. 100% model- works with TLC
162 TOP* plug tray. 100% model
200 TOP due to the small drain holes these are not available

50% poppers are the same size board but have approximatly every other peg removed. This makes the force required for popping lighter, but requires you to press the tray down then turn it 180 degrees and press it down again. So two poppings for one tray. Prices have been lowered due to the labor/parts savings from less pegs.

288 TOP* plug tray. 50% model
392 TOP* plug tray. 50% model
512 TOP* plug tray. 50% model

Hardwood pins
Warp, moisture, and crack resistant wood(advantech)
Coated only with linseed oil
Made in Vermont, USA!
Plug flats not included.


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