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Scythe and Snath Set

Holden Tool Company

Scythe and Snath Set

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This is a combination kit including a scythe blade and snath (the handle).

Keep in mind that these scythe blades require regular peening and sharpening to perform properly. We sell a book that provides guidance on the use and care of scything equipment.

The metal snath is good for people between 5 and 6 feet tall, while folks over 6 feet may prefer the wooden snath OR choose to slightly bend the metal snath to correct the angle of the blade as needed.

As for blade length, longer lengths will be more productive mowing delicate or shorter vegetation (such as a hay field), while shorter blades may be easier to work in tougher material (like goldenrod, for example). Ditch blades that are for restricted work areas (like ditches or paths) and for mowing small-stemmed woody material (not to exceed 1/2" in most cases).

The "stone tip" blades reinforce and protect the leading edge of the blade from errant rocks, which many users appreciate. It does take away from the usable edge of the blade slightly.

Falci blades are made in Italy. SHW blades are made in Germany. Both metal and wooden snaths are made by SHW in Germany.

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