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The Wheel Hoe Sweeps attachment give you exceptional versatility for cultivating and weed control in your garden. The best way to manage weeds in your garden is to provide a shallow cultivation before they appear. Weed control in a vegetable garden is a preventative practice, not a reactive one.

Turn the Sweeps inward for a hula hoe or stirrup hoe setup that allows you to weed paths between rows. Turn them outward to weed close to plants without damaging feeder roots. Use with the Double Wheel Hoe to straddle the row when plants are small, allowing you to weed both sides of the row in a single pass.

Wheel Hoe Sweeps Attachment Details

  • Made of black, zinc-plated steel that has a professionally sharpened edge for cutting the toughest weeds in their path.
  • Each Sweep has a 7"long cutting blade which allows for a maximum 14"cutting path when turned inward for a hula hoe or stirrup hoe setup.
  • The left and right blades have slightly different angles so they will overlap when turned inward.*

*This allows you to alter the width of the cultivating/cutting path by adjusting the blades either closer together or farther apart for weeding paths of different widths.

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