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Ashfield Offset Hand Hoe, Right Handed, (Dutch Hand Hoe)

Ashfield Tools

Ashfield Offset Hand Hoe, Right Handed, (Dutch Hand Hoe)

Item Number: AFW-500R11
$ 50.95

The blades of our Hand Hoes are forged and tempered from 400 series cutlery grade stainless steel. The Offset Hand Hoe features a blade with a sharpened edge and a tapered point making for a highly effective garden tool. The shanks are forged from high carbon tool steel.

The length of our Hand Hoes allow you to easily reach into raised beds between plants. Pull the blade through the surface of the soil to cut through weeds. The pointed corners of the blades can be jabbed deeper into the soil behind weeds and pulled forward to undercut the roots below the surface.

Our Offset Hand Hoe is a a little shorter than our regular hand hoe. The narrower blade tapers to a sharper, longer point to penetrate deeper into soil behind more established weeds.

The blade of our Offset Hand Hoe is approximately 2" x 5 1/2".
The overall tool length is approximately 18".

Ashfield Tools are high quality, sturdy and long lasting. They are designed to work well and enhance the gardening experience. Each tool is hand forged using traditional blacksmithing techniques. The birch handles are made in Maine.

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