Quality hand tools for forest, farm, and garden
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SHW Tools from Germany

A tradition of quality tools

A Black Forest company forging technology with a centuries-old tradition of iron processing and device fabrication. SHW is located in the picturesque Friedrichstal between Freudenstadt and Baiersbronn.

The blacksmith has here in the former Black Forest smelters his "royal" cradle. The SHW logo documents the solid forged quality and consistency of our these products since the time of the kingdom of Württemberg.

For their full range of spades, hoes, shovels, forks, scythes, rakes, or spare parts for agricultural machines, we use only high quality special steels and refine these with the latest forging technology.

Awareness of stable quality can be found in each of our products. Whether agricultural equipment or handsets for garden, forestry or construction, our customers rely on the stability and durability of our products.

The SHW hand tools are design to be treasured for generations.