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Castellari designs and produces all of its products internally with the help of highly trained and qualified personnel and in accordance with strict quality standards. They produce and export, starting from the raw materials up to the assembly of the finished product at their facilities in Imola, Italy, not far from the city of Bologna.

New ideas and improvements in current production take shape thanks to Castellari's in-house technical department. Using their own decades of experience and supported by the best calculation and design programs, Castellari creates industry-leading products.

“Il Coltellino”, a historic shop for the retail and sharpening of cutting tools, was opened in 1976, followed in 1981 by the creation of “LI”, short for “Lame Intercambiabili” (“Interchangeable Blades”). The designs materialized and the first shears with two interchangeable blades were developed.

TUCANO, the first shape branch cutter, was created in 1985 and the first of our two production sites, still operating today, was inaugurated a year later. Following a series of improvements to the Tucano (e.g. forged aluminium counter-blade) and the creation of new tools, in 1991 the company came up with a new cutting concept: T.I., with a hollow in the blade for easier cutting than with a conventional blade. 

The turning point for Castellari came in 1996, when the first UNIVERSALE curved shape shears were made. The anvil-type cut, which prevents kick-back on the user’s wrist, soon became a flagship of our production and helped increase the company’s fame