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Bow Saw  21" Blade


Bow Saw 21" Blade

Item Number: 25190-53
$ 14.95

Falci Specialist Bow Saw is a high quality professional bow saw that is versatile and strong. The saw features a replaceable, tempered, 21"blade. With 5 teeth per inch (TPI) and a returnable double action (i.e. the blade can be pushed and pulled), this saw is guaranteed to make a smooth, clean cut with less energy. Strong aluminum handles and a comfortable grip ensure that this saw will last a long time.

If you don't want to spend the money on an expensive chain saw, the Falci Speciailst Bow Saw is the next best thing. Use the Falci Specialist Bow saw to cut branches that are 3"in diameter or greater. You will be surprised at how easily the blade slices through even the toughest wood! Customer Favorite!

Customer Favorite
-21cutting blade
-5 TPI
-Razor sharp cutting edge with double action capability
-Comfortable grip
-High Quality chrome plated blade
-Easily replaceable blade
-.8 lb
-Strong aluminum body

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