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Heavy Root Hoe 3.3lbs - 7.5"x 5" with 53" Ash Handle

SHW Forge

Heavy Root Hoe 3.3lbs - 7.5"x 5" with 53" Ash Handle

Item Number: 53569
$ 77.00

Heavy Root Hoe by SHW Tools
Item number: 53569

Great heaving chopping hoe with 5" wide head. German made forged steel.

53" handle
3.3 pound head

The Eye-Hoe (also called Grub, Grubbing, Digging or Chopping hoes) is the oldest hoe design in the world, due to the simplicity of the head shape; traditionally, forging the head could be done with crude tools. The 'eye' just had an appropriately sized stick stuck through it for a handle; as long as one end of the stick was bigger than the eye, it wouldn't come out. The eye-hoes produced by SHW of Germany today are a lot more refined: ergonomic designs, light weight and perfectly fitted handles wedged into place.

The differences between these SHW Eye hoes and others you will find on the market are:

  1. The SHAPE of the handle...most have round handles, while these German ones all have Oval handles: like an Axe, sledgehammer, pickAxe or any well-designed striking tool. This is very important, because the way the human hand is shaped, holding an oval handle naturally "aims" the tool head properly, and is much more ergonomic when using the tool for long periods (resulting in less hand fatigue). Also, note that all the handles in the "choppin" series are actually LARGER toward the head for extra strength...you simply't see this design on the lower cost hoes; it's more expensive to produce a handle this strong. Of course, tightening or replacing a handle is easy - just like a hammer or Axe with a wooden handle; just drive a wedge into the top to spread the handle out into the eye. We stock replacement handles.
  2. Head angles and balance. The Germans have spent a tremendously long time perfecting these tools...the foundry location where SHW currently resides in the Black Forest has been forging tools since the year 1267! The head angles and balance of these eye hoes is unparalleled, meaning more work done with less fatigue.
  3. Steel Quality. We probably don't need to say more here...what kind of quality would you expect from an old German company?

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