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Hoopoe Hoe Cutter Mattock with Flat Hoe Blade - 4lbs

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Hoopoe Hoe Cutter Mattock with Flat Hoe Blade - 4lbs

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This tool, known in Germany as a "hoopoe hoe" for its resemblance to the Hoopoe bird, is similar to a typical cutter mattock made of special steel and was forged in one piece. It consists of a broad hoe blade on one side and a sharp ax on the opposite side. This dual-function tool has proven itself for decades in the home gardens of passionate hobby and professional gardeners as well as in forestry operations.


The dual-function tool with a broad blade is intended for clearing, planting and transplanting and is universally intended for gardening.

The hoopoe hoe is by far the most powerful manual tool. It is ideal for digging up stony, hard soil and even thicker roots can be removed with ease with the forestry hoe. The hoopoe hoe can also be used as a planting hoe in forestry. By hitting the ground with the broad side of the leaf, the upper layer of soil can be raised, for example to plant a tree sapling. Thanks to the sharpened hatchet blade, felling a tree or chopping firewood is also child's play with this multifunctional tool. The 105 cm long ash handle ensures optimal power transmission.


The finely machined, robust ash handle is particularly comfortable to hold. Specially designed for optimal force distribution, the hoopoe hoe proves to be an ideal helper for ergonomic work in horticulture and forestry. The hoe handle has a practical hanging hole, which means the hoe can be stored in the garden tool shed to save space. Our hoe handles come exclusively from resource-saving forestry and are PEFC certified.


  • Forged from one piece
  • Made of special steel
  • Ground functional edges
  • Dimensions sheet: height: 43 cm, width: 12.5 cm
  • Dimensions of the hatchet: Height: 16 cm, width: 16 cm
  • Broadleaf & hatchet
  • Weight approx. 1800g
  • KWF checked
  • Ash wood handle 105 cm (PEFC certified)


Tools for forestry that have been thoroughly tested by the KWF are awarded the “KWF-PROFI” signature. They meet all the requirements of current technical standards, in particular economic, safety, ergonomic and ecological standards. The tests include technical measurements, practical tests in forestry and inquiries into the use of the tools. 


SHW forging technology looks back on a centuries-old tradition and has been offering the best forging quality since 1596. Our customers have always enjoyed the longevity of our forged products for generations. We attach great importance to sustainability - for this reason we produce our garden tools exclusively from high-quality materials that ensure enormous longevity. Through patented processes and state-of-the-art techniques, we have gained an advantage over our competitors. We only use high-quality special steel to manufacture our tools.

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